Lower Extremity Prosthetics

The loss of a lower limb has a significant impact on a person's ability to move through life. Lower limb prosthetics are devices designed to replace the function or appearance of the missing lower limb as much as possible.

When dealing with lower extremity prosthetics, clinicians at Limbcare have an in depth understanding of the many variables which go into the successful design of a prosthesis. Working with the patient and other healthcare professionals, we will design the best possible prosthesis to meet our patient's needs.

A lower extremity prosthesis is required to support body weight which can create a force of 120% of the person's body weight, even more if used while running. That means factoring in durability along with fit and comfort. Limbcare's team has extensive experience working with patients who have complex amputations or fitting needs.

Temporary/permanent (definitive) prosthesis:
  • Foot
  • Below knee
  • Above knee
  • Hip disartic
  • Hemipelvectomy
  • Endo/exoskeletal systems
  • Lightweight designs
  • Flexible inner sockets
  • Silicone locking, suction suspension, Lanyard, elevated vacuum
  • Energy storing feet
  • Microprocessor knee (MPK)
  • C-Leg, Compact knee, Rheo, Adaptive, Plie, C-Leg 4, Genium
  • Orion Knee
  • Úlan Foot, Triton Smart Ankle, Pro prio, Biom
  • LIM Infinite Socket