Cervical Orthosis

Cervical orthosis encircles the neck and supports the chin and is used in the treatment of injuries of the cervical spine. A neck brace (a form of cervical orthosis) may be used to treat an injury, provide support for degenerative disease that affects neck strength, or as a postoperative stabilization device. Cervical orthosis are designed to fit the body anywhere from the jaw to the chest.

Neck Braces and Support Options
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Cervical Collars

Limbcare offers cervical orthoses ranging from rigid to soft cervical collars. These types of neck braces range from a soft support that helps in the treatment of minor neck strains to a rigid brace that supports from under the jaw down to the chest area providing maximum support and protection of the cervical and thoracic areas.

Halo Orthosis or Cervical Halo

Halo orthoses are used to treat injuries to the cervical spine. A cervical orthosis consisting of a stiff halo attached to the upper skull and to a rigid jacket on the chest, providing maximal rigidity. Halos are typically used to treat a severe injury or unstable fractures to the neck or for postoperative stabilization.